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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jeremiah the Movie

Wejew movie of the week - Jeremiah:

"The film ‘Jeremiah’ character sketches one of Israel’s most important prophet - Jeremiah. When Israel is being captured by the superpower Babylon, Jeremiah asks the people to change their ways and re-establish the covenant with G-d, most high. It is a stunning film that calls the viewers to look into their own hearts and purify thereby creating a strong Israel. Israel’s strength lies not in its military might or the materialistic idols - whether it is money or goods, but the relationship with the one true G-d of the universe. As a people, we are called to be a lamp for all nations."

Nathan C.

No need to go out to a movie this Saturday night - save the money on gas, tickets, and popcorn and just pull up a chair and click here to see the movie:

Direct Link to playlist: 

Disclaimer: 12Tribe Films has no connection with this film. We are just interested in raising awareness for any good Jewish value based film about the Jewish people or the Land of Isreal

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